Our Expertise.

Research World International Ltd is a full-service marketing and social research company helping clients obtain practical information for business decisions in:

  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Brand Management
  • New Product Research
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Customer Retention, Lost Customer & Win Back
  • Political & Governance Research

We conduct surveys using every quantitative methodology including online, telephone, IVR and mail. In addition to tried-and-true qualitative research methodologies, our moderators and expert interviewers use state-of-the-art tools for online focus groups and in-depth interviews. Research World International Ltd also offers a true hybrid solution for integrating quantitative and qualitative research methods that is extremely effective and very affordable.

We have been successfully providing quality service since 2007, helping companies:

  • Understand the behavior of their current customers, lost customers, potential customers, and employees (internal customers) by uncovering and tracking the factors that affect satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Develop brand strategies that effectively support their identity and positioning, capitalizing on our years of client-side brand management and brand research experience.
  • Identify unmet consumer and business-to-business needs, screen concepts and plan for marketing communications to support the successful launch of new products using our decades of experience in new product development across a wide variety of industries.

We are dedicated to providing personalized project management and our staff is committed to exceeding our clients' expectations.

Customer Satisfaction

Research World International Ltd conducts thousands of customer satisfaction surveys every year across a broad range of industries. We can refresh or create a new customer satisfaction survey program, including:

  • Collecting the data (telephone, Internet, IVR, mail),
  • Analyzing the results and
  • Providing them in a format customized to your individual needs via hardcopy or our online reporting system.

About half of the customer satisfaction surveys we conduct are business-to-business and half are business-to-consumer.

Depending on the challenges your organization faces, Research World International Ltd can help you conduct either general relationship-based customer satisfaction surveys that focus on issues such as price, service, competition and brand, or transaction-based customer satisfaction surveys that focus on a specific customer transaction with your call center or sales representatives.

Contact us to learn more about creating a customer service satisfaction strategy.

Branding & Communications

We live in a branded world. Everything is branded, from products to experiences. Some research studies have shown that babies as young as age 18 months recognize brands. Brands become a short-hand for your customers and telegraph certain attributes and qualities to the marketplace, making it easy for the customer to choose your brand.

Brand research is focused on helping companies make the critical decisions that build and enhance their branding. Whether you are just starting to define your brand or whether you have an established brand that you are managing, accurate and timely information is available through brand research in these critical brand development phases:

  • Creating a new brand strategy
  • Understanding how far your brand can stretch
  • Branding research for marketing brands
  • Brand tracking

Innovation & New Product Development

Everyone knows that most new products fail before they get off the ground. Some experts estimate that the new product success rate is not higher than 14%. This results in wasted time, money and opportunity. New product research helps you increase your chances of success in the high-risk arena of new product development by helping you identify unmet needs, screen concepts and plan for marketing communications to support the successful launch of your new products.

Stages of new product development

  • Needs Assessment/Opportunity Identification.
  • Concept Generation and Screening.
  • Quantitative Concept Testing and Value Estimation.
  • Test Markets.
  • New Product Launch Strategy.
  • New Product Strategy.

Employee Surveys For Measuring Employee Satisfaction

Knowing the satisfaction level of your customers is only half the battle. A company’s employees are often the face and frontline of an organization and their opinion of that organization impacts their attitude, thus affecting customer's attitudes, and ultimately the bottom line. Employees help spread the word about your brand, and satisfied employees are better cheerleaders.

An employee survey allows employers to take the pulse of their company to gain a true assessment of employee satisfaction within the workplace. Companies can measure what motivates employees, drives loyalty, makes and keeps employees happy. Increased productivity, less turnover, and a company unified and focused on its overall mission provide further reason to conduct employee satisfaction research.

Hear The Voice Of Your Employees

Our employee surveys are specifically designed to help you hear and understand the voice of your managers, employees, and front-line customer service personnel, so that you can uncover obstacles to better performance, effect change and improve your business. Research World International Ltd in executing employee survey programs and can help you design and deploy a survey perfectly suited to your individual company needs.

Customer Retention Surveys, Loss Prevention and Win-Back

Achieving the objective of improving the customer's overall experience and reducing churn rate requires better and more immediate customer feedback. A comprehensive customer lifecycle market research survey program might include surveying:

  • prospective customers,
  • competitors' customers,
  • new (early life) customers,
  • current/long-standing (loyal) customers and
  • previous (lost) customers.

In the spirit of a strong offense being the best defense, a strong customer retention survey program will help management defend against customer attrition proactively by determing potential causes for defection and developing programs to promote loyalty.

The objective of the retention survey and lost customer research is to gain an understanding of why customers are leaving and what would bring them back. It is important to track lost customers’ perceptions over time to ensure that management continually understands reasons why customers might cancel a service or stop purchasing a product and what new things could be put in place to retain them or win them back.

Research World International Limited specializes in helping companies build and maintain a competitive advantage by becoming more customer focused. We have helped a number of companies across various industries understand what causes customers to leave and how to improve current customers’ satisfaction and ultimately increase overall retention rates.

Political and Governance Research

RWI is the leading provider of political and social research in Uganda and in the region. RWI Research Surveys' dedicated Political and Social unit has been advising Political parties, government, parastatals and NGOs.

Politics and Governance is an innovative new offering to the world of research publishing in the Political Sciences. The department of social Politics and Governance conducts significant, cutting-edge and multidisciplinary research drawn from all areas of Social-politics and governance Science. Its central aim is thereby to enhance the broad understanding of the range of contemporary social political and governing processes, and impact upon of states, political entities, international organizations, communities, societies and individuals, at international, regional, national and local levels. Studies that focus upon the political or governance-based dynamics of any of these levels or units of analysis in way that interestingly and effectively brings together conceptual analysis and empirical findings are done every year.

The Social Politics and Governance department is committed to conducting rigorous and high-quality research on a quarterly basis. To that end, it undertakes a meticulous quality process, providing both the academic and policy-making community with the most advanced research on contemporary politics and governance and social arena.

The department is an entirely open-access and uses various methodologies including the qualitative and quantitative. This department conducts baselines, midline and end line surveys across the region and like any other study that we conduct; the process of research is in house from inception to conclusion