Life Is a Gambling Game: The Best Casino Movies from the 1990S

Immerse yourself in the world of excitement for the whole evening and watch movies about casinos, big money and fraud in order to cheer up. And even better to play yourself, you can do it online at Woo Casino.

Below you will find a list of classic casino movies. You’ve probably seen at least one of these films, or at least heard about it.

“Double Bid” (1993)

A young guy named Jim suddenly had a decent inheritance. Now the young man drives around the country in a luxury car and actively spends his fortune. Jim meets a card sharper Jack, who plans to rob a couple of rich men in the game. So the main character gets involved in a very dangerous story…

“Casino” (1995)

The story of the rise and fall of Sam Rothstein, nicknamed Ace (Robert De Niro), told by Martin Scorsese as an epic, reminds that fortune is changeable: “Nature is a fool, fate is a turkey, and life is a penny,” and while the Ace manages the casino’s affairs, life throws him like a chip on a green cloth.

“Stickman” (1998)


John Manfred (Clive Owen) is an ambitious young guy who gets a job at a London casino. Croupiers are obliged not to enter into relations with each other and with clients. John tries to be unperturbed, he never plays cards and roulette and looks down on pathetic people indulging in the vice of gambling. But soon all his restraint disappears: first he sleeps with a croupier girl, then drinks with a guy who steals chips, and eventually colludes with a client who plans to rob a casino. The guy thought he was keeping his life under control, but it turns out that all this time he was just a pawn in someone else’s game.

“God of the Players” (1989)

The film already has several sequels, but it is the first part that is incredibly good. The main character Ko Chun is a gambling genius, he never loses. But an accident turns into a loss of memory for a man. He doesn’t remember anything, but somehow miraculously retains his abilities in the game. Now Ko Chun becomes a puppet in someone else’s hands… The film is wonderful for everyone, but especially for the acting talent of Chow Yun–Fat.

“Havana” (1990)


In this film, the theme of the Cuban Revolution and a love story are organically intertwined with the theme of the poker game. Avid poker player Jack intends to “hit a big jackpot” at an underground tournament in Havana, but feelings interfere with his impeccable plan…

“Run” (1991)

If someone likes action movies, then this movie is just a classic action movie with shootouts and chases. In the center of the plot is a student named Charlie, who by the will of fate gets into an underground casino, where he wins serious money in poker. A fight, a murder; and now the guy has to run to escape.

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