Turning online betting on Mayweather vs McGregor

My grandfather used to say that when you go down the road and you see that all the cars you come across are going in the wrong direction, you should ask yourself if the one going in the opposite direction is you, and not the other drivers.

What is that about? Well, as Mayweather vs. McGregor approaches, I see that everyone I speak to is absolutely convinced of the American’s victory, but I still think that Conor has more options than it seems to give the bell and put in check boxing’s golden boy

Don’t get me wrong…it’s not like he’s been to the beach and sunbathed on me too much, and he’s speaking to you from a momentary delirium. It is that, as I always tell you, this sports betting thing always offers us surprises, and the more I see that the difference on paper in favor of Mayweather increases, the more I have the feeling that the fight is going to bring us more surprises than ever before. what we believe I’ll tell you why.

By the way, in case you haven’t seen the combat presentation, it’s worth watching. The first face to face between the two showed what we expect: McGregor will charge from the beginning, while Mayweather is an iceberg. A fighter who began the world tour to promote combat in diesel mode in Los Angeles, cold at first, undeterred by the provocations of his opponent, to end up saying: “I will knock you out.” A lot of tension, a lot of expectation… the swords are high.

A spear in favor of McGregor

spear in favor

Yes, they will fight by the rules of boxing. Yes, Mayweather has more cardio than McGregor. Yes, Floyd is infinitely faster than his rival. Yes, the North American has shown against rivals like Pacquiao that he knows how to take punishment against opponents with a punch. Yes, yes, yes, yes… all this is true, but let’s see if now we are going to think that McGregor is just any ‘little kid’ who walked down the street and who has been offered money for fighting with Mayweather to act as guinea pig or as a sparring partner for what has been considered the best pound-for-pound boxer in recent years.

Mc Gregor is a fighter who has won 21 fights in the UFC, and 18 of them by K.O, 1 by submission and 2 by points

Be careful, there is something very important in these data and that can be essential for those who want to go against the direction and seek their fortune betting on the Irishman… McGregor has achieved 18 victories by KO. His specialty is standing wrestling, not wrestling or ground fighting. In fact, watching his fights, it is difficult to see him throw himself to the ground on his rivals until they are practically finished, and his fists are the ones that have given him practically all of his victories.

Total madness!

Total madness

So, let’s put on the Irish flag and hope that McGregor can land some of his crushing punches to finish Mayweather on the canvas. We get on the diving board, close our eyes and jump into the pool without even knowing if there is water, to find markets that can make the night of August 27 a memorable evening for our pockets.

Speaking of springboard jumping, I put myself in the shoes of the great Leg Louganis and we will start our jumps with something simple, a pike, and McGregor’s victory would give us €5.50 per Euro wagered

Although if what we want is something really complicated, like a double backflip, if the UFC champion wins by KO, we would double our bet by 7, and for those who want to go down in history with a flip and double flip and a half flip. pirouette, the Irishman’s victory on points, is paid at 34.00, although if you want my advice, no matter how much water the pool has, I don’t see Conor winning in 12 rounds.

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